For over 40 years, the Audiology Program has provided hearing testing and hearing aid services to Native American communities in New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

Audiology is the medical profession that diagnoses and treats hearing disorders. Audiologists have specialized training in anatomy, physiology, diagnostics, and rehabilitation related to hearing loss in people of all ages. The audiologists at AAIHB have a master’s degree or doctorate in audiology, are licensed by the states of New Mexico and Colorado, and hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

We work with Indian Health Service and tribal primary care providers to diagnose and treat hearing problems.  Over 3,000 Native American community members receive audiology services each year. Nearly 2000 children are screened annually for hearing disorders through our school hearing screening program.

Services Provided

  • Hearing tests for adults and children

We perform comprehensive hearing tests for adults and children, including important testing for middle ear infections in children. We also screen hearing in newborns and infants.

  • Hearing aids and hearing aid repairs

Depending on the community and patient eligibility, new digital hearing aids and hearing aid repairs are available at cost or very low cost. Many hearing aids can be repaired on site.

  • Medicaid hearing aid services

Many Medicaid-eligible patients qualify for new hearing aids, hearing aid repairs, and batteries at no cost. We are a New Mexico Medicaid provider. (Please note that Colorado Medicaid does not cover hearing aids or hearing aid-related services.)  Medicare does not cover any hearing aid-related costs.

  • Hearing screening

Annual hearing screenings are completed for early intervention programs, Head Start, and elementary schools. Hearing screenings may be available at elderly and community centers upon request.

  • Custom hearing protection

To prevent hearing loss from loud noise, custom hearing protection is available to community members at low or no cost. Swim molds may be recommended for children with chronic ear infections to keep ears dry while showering and swimming.

  • Health fairs and wellness events

We distribute information on hearing loss, ear infections, hearing aids, and hearing protection at health fairs and wellness events.

  • Community education

Audiology staff is available to present on a variety of topics, such as hearing loss, hearing protection, hearing aid care, middle ear infections, and language development.

Where are services provided?

Weekly audiology clinics are held at:

  • Acoma- Cañoncito -Laguna Hospital (ACL)
  • Albuquerque Indian Health Center (AIHC)
  • Santa Fe Indian Hospital (SFIH)

Bi-monthly clinics are held at:

  • Jicarilla Health Center
  • Southern Ute Health Center
  • Ute Mountain Ute Health Center

Monthly audiology clinics are held at:

  • Alamo Navajo Health Center
  • Cañoncito Health Center
  • Cochiti Health Center
  • Laguna Rainbow Nursing Center
  • Mescalero Indian Hospital
  • Pine Hill Health Center
  • Sandia Health Center
  • San Felipe Health Center
  • Santa Ana Health Center
  • Santa Clara Health Center
  • Taos-Picuris Health Center
  • Zia Health Center

Some clinics require a referral from your primary care provider before you can schedule an audiology appointment.  Contact the hospital, clinic or CHR program in your community to make an appointment.

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